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HAFERVOLL comes up with the first all-natural Flapjack

HAFERVOLL developed the first and 100% natural Flapjack that copes without added sugar, cheap stuffing or other chemical additives. Our Flapjacks are gently oven backed, always tasting like homemade. The juicy auburn baked delicacies are solely sweetened with honey and dried fruits.

It's the perfect healthy inbetween snack, very suitable as a breakfast replacement, a power bar during sports or if you have food cravings. Each provides long-term energy out of wholegrain and polyunsaturated fatty acids to keep food cravings away.

Not to be confused with pancakes, the expression Flapjack originates from the UK.

There is a huge difference to most of the ordinary oat or energy bars you may know from the supermarket. Most products are machine-made by getting compressed through pressure. Our HAFERVOLL bars are handmade!

There are no hidden surprires, no fakes, just real nutritional value in form of whole grain oats, honey, non-sulfurated dried fruits, crunchy nuts and seeds.

Exhibitor: HAFERVOLL GmbH

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